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Creative DIY Gifts Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Creative DIY Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Gifts are always special, and what’s better to gift your loved ones a handmade item than picking something out of the rack of a gift shop. When you create something with your bare hands, it becomes essentially laced with all the love that you can pour into it through each step.

Today we are gonna share some creative DIY gift ideas for your loved ones. These unique DIY works are made by artists at home and abroad and will surely awake and enhance your creativity.

Carry on reading if you want to know more about these masterpiece gifts.

1. Stuffed Toys for Comfort and Warmth

Stuffed Toys for Comfort and Warmth1

Stuffed Toys for Comfort and Warmth2

These toys are created by an artist from Chile. She creates felt toys and have a cool collection up for display on her Facebook page. These toys are not just an add-on to the feeling of love, they are also really cute little wonders.

2. Designer Dolls

Designer Dolls1

Designer Dolls2

ToyLikeMe created a line of special dolls that were made with evident physical disabilities. A British doll-making company with the name of Makies were so inspired by the idea, that they started to me some of their own. These dolls are an amazing gift for any child with disabilities. He or she can relate to their toys and play with them with more generous emotions.

3. Not Just Toys

Not Just Toys1

Not Just Toys2

Not Just Toys3

These strikingly splendid toys are made by Evgeny Hontor who lives in Russia. He is a master of adding up enormous details to each of his masterpiece. His toys are made up of a clay polymer that he specially created for his works. When this polymer is exposed to air, it hardens, giving the toys much strength. This method to produce toys was created by Evgeny himself, and he employs it to perfection.

4. Makeup-Less Dolls

Makeup-Less Dolls1


Dolls from Bratz are usually with a lot of makeup

Makeup-Less Dolls2

© Tree Change Dolls  

Have a look at the very same dolls after their makeup is removed.

Sonia Singh is an Australian artist who loves to give the dolls a more regular touch, rather than making them super models. In her TreeChangeDolls project, she used to visit stores to purchase old dolls. She was very keen to remove all the makeup and accessories to give them a more regular look. After these changes, the dolls were entirely beyond any sort of recognition.

5. Fancy Toddler Dolls

Fancy Toddler Dolls1 Fancy Toddler Dolls2

This polish artist creates dolls that would literally make you smile. Being also a mother and teacher, her art reflects pure creativity. This could be the perfect DIY gift that you can give to your loved ones.

6. Stuffed Toys Created From Kids Drawings

Stuffed Toys Created From Kids Drawings

Stuffed Toys Created From Kids Drawings2 Stuffed Toys Created From Kids Drawings3

Children are often very creative if they are given a pen and paper to draw something out. How cool is the idea if those drawings are converted in their very own stuffed toy friends. Fluffy’s Friends is one such firm who uses the best available materials to create this kind of toys. Gift one to your kid today, and see how he reacts by watching his own drawing come to life!

7. Ring That Converts into Animal Shapes

Ring That Converts to Animal Shapes1 Ring That Converts to Animal Shapes2 Ring That Converts to Animal Shapes3

An artist from Thailand uses enamel to create rings that convert to animal shapes. This unique set of jewelry created by merryme has a lot of people talking about. This set is a perfect gift idea specially for your wife. If you put all three rings of the same set on your finger, they will resemble the shape of an animal embraced with your finger. What a masterpiece!

8. Origami Animals

Origami Animals1 Origami Animals2 Origami Animals3

A regular form and clear lines are an essential part of any origami art that we see. However, this artist from Vietnam seems very fond of breaking stereotypes. His name is Hoang Tien Quyet and he creates beautiful sculptures from paper using a technique that he calls wet folding. The shape and detail of this origami art is so mind-blowing that one automatically starts praising as soon as he watches the splendor. This could be a perfect and long-lasting DIY gift that is unique in one way, and marvelous in the other.

9. Creative DIY Gift Ideas From Welding Art

DIY Gift Ideas From Welding Art1

© @dickwally  

DIY Gift Ideas From Welding Art2

© Kirk McGuire  

DIY Gift Ideas From Welding Art3

© Igor Verny  

Important thing about art is that it always flourishes no matter what time or civilization we are considering. We have all seen beautiful oil paintings and wonderful brush-strokes of art. Have you ever seen a bird made up of hot paint on metal canvas? Check these wonderful items out!

10. Woolen Magic

Woolen Magic 3 Woolen Magic2

Comfort and warmth is evident in these gift items created using wool by a Bulgarian artist Mariana. Her work seems like magic and becomes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Guys, these were some amazing and creative DIY gift ideas for your loved ones. We hope that you loved all the cuteness that each one had to depict. Do share your feedback and suggestions with us.

Happy Gift Selection!

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