Android DIY ideas that can help you master the android arena.


How to Install an Alternate App Store on Android

Generally, all Google devices have a default application store: the Google Play Store. From this store we can download all kinds of applications, both free and payment to our device being all linked to our Gmail account associated with the device. However, there are other alternative application stores that offer us certain …

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How to Control the GPS of an Android Smartphone?

Currently all smartphones have a GPS module that allows to use the different connection and geo-location functions using the satellite network of the global positioning system. These functions will allow us, for example, to share our location on social networks, allow certain applications to follow us and show us relevant information …

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How to Setup A Firewall on an Android Device

By default Android allows all connections of all your applications to the Internet without imposing limitations. This, although at first glance seems practical (for example, we should not worry about granting explicit access to certain applications or opening ports for the connection) also has many disadvantages since, for example, any application …

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How to Update an Android Smartphone

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide. A large number of different devices adopt Google’s operating system although, from the beginning, the company has a problem that is practically impossible to solve: fragmentation. Although all devices use the same operating system, manufacturers usually customize Android with their own …

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