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17 recipes that can help you end fluid retention

17 recipes that can help you end fluid retention

The retention of liquids is a frequent problem, especially when high climatic temperatures are present. The diet can be a great ally when preventing its development as well as to combat its presence . Therefore, below we leave 17 recipes that can help you end up with fluid retention . An adequate intake of water , as well as the reduction …

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Sweet potato vs potato, the nutritional battle

Sweet potato vs. potato, the nutritional battle

Let’s start by clarifying a doubt that I was also intrigued until recently: sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes are the same , a food of American origin that Columbus brought to Spain after his expeditions and that took root in all those territories where its cultivation is possible. Currently the largest production in …

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Chicken marinated with coconut milk and rice- healthy recipe

Healthy Recipe: Chicken marinated with coconut milk and rice

The inspiration for this dish of chicken marinated with coconut milk and rice came after taking a look at the pantry and remembering a recipe that had been signed a while ago. The coconut milk actually used rather like cream in the kitchen is perfect for occasionally taking as a sauce and is great in spicy dishes, …

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Fitness bars of oats and nuts-healthy recipe

Healthy Recipe: Fitness bars of oats and nuts

Energy bars, cereals or others are a commercial option often used to quench hunger between meals or replenish energy after a workout. However, they are not as healthy as they seem but may contain trans fats, palm oil and even, sugars in appreciable amounts. In his replacement, today we bring a very simple recipe of fitness bars of oats and nuts that we …

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13 healthy recipes for a summer picnic

13 Healthy Recipes for a Summer Picnic

If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors this season loading a basket and a summer picnic , you should know that here we must not neglect the quality of the diet, so we leave 13 healthy recipes for the occasion: Savory dishes ideal to enjoy outdoors If as you are a lover of …

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Peanuts, why are they called nuts if they are really legumes

Peanuts, why are they called nuts if they are really legumes?

Peanuts are a very often included food with nuts, almonds, pistachios and others in assortments of nuts or even, we can find them in some granola or other confectionery products used as such. However, peanuts are called nuts but in reality they are legumes : we tell you why. The properties and benefits …

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