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All You Need to Know About The New Apple iPhone 8

Know Everything about the September Apple iPhone Launch

Winter is coming and yes September is also coming. With the release of Apple iPhone 8, the company is moving towards the biggest launch of the year. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of original iPhone launch. Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone on 9 January 2009, which was later released on June 29 in the same year.

We have rumors all over the internet that Apple is holding back some of the most amazing features for its latest model this year. Here in this post we are rounding up all the leaked information about Apple iPhone 8. If you haven’t decided about your next phone yet, here we are with all the exciting features for the next best iPhone.

So, starting up with the release date, we have heard from MacWorld that Apple has scheduled the launch of iPhone 8 on September 12. Same source also reveals that iPhone 8 will be available in markets and Apple store no later than 22nd September.

As more and more details are coming, we have come to know that mobile operators are informed about the event, and we should expect the biggest gadget launch coming in this year.

Let us take a look on the inside and explore what we should expect from all new Apple iPhone 8.

The Size

We are expecting about three version of the new Apple iPhone 8, which will vary in terms of size. That will include a screen size of 4.7 Inch iPhone 7s, 5.5 Inch iPhone 7s Plus and 5.8 Inch iPhone 8. iPhone 8 is more likely to have a more advanced set of specification than iPhone 7s and 7s plus. A more recent report from Wall Street Journal also reveals that Apple is testing more than 10 prototypes for the latest version.



Based on the same old-fashioned tick-tock cycle the new iPhone will be called iPhone 7s, but unlikely every alternate year its upcoming model will be called iPhone 8. This tick-tock cycle refers that Apple releases a new model with a new design every two years. On the other hand, it upgrades the older versions on the alternate years, releasing them under the tag of “S” models.

We can also expect a totally different name. As Apple is planning for the biggest gadget release this year, it may name it an iPhone 10 or iPhone X, marking the name with the 10th anniversary of iPhone launch.

Glass Design

Apple is now planning a major change in design. It’s more than a rumor now that Apple is working on a whole new “All-Glass Design”. Some very authentic news from Ming-Chi Kuo in a published report says that American Tech firm will redesign the new iPhone from scratch.


So, we think that the new iPhone 8 will be more of a Glass classic than a conventional aluminum hard case.  Still not the first time, Apple has previously used front and back panels made of glass in iPhone 4 and 4s. That is why these old versions were highly risky to carry around with loose hands. Most of the online-reviews failed them in a low-level drop test. Still we believe that Apple will take all these disadvantages in consideration.

The Curved Display

We can expect a curved display from iPhone this year, because many online reviews have confirmed that there is a curved display iPhone among those 10 prototypes which are under review.

As seen in some other brands, a significant sale increase is evident in curved screen cell phone. We can see the same in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and its other variants.



Unlike Samsung we are not expecting any kind of functional features being added to iPhone 8. DigiTimes reported in April 2017 that Apple is signing a major deal with Samsung for the supply of OLED panels. This means we should expect the new iPhone with an OLED screen.

As we all know OLED display is far more superior to the conventional LCD panels, which were used in previous versions of iPhone. There is a major difference in the functionality of both display panels. OLED display lights up the pixels which are needed at the time. This also adds up that the new version will be more power efficient.

The Home Button

The iconic home button that all the iPhones had is planned to be removed. According to some authentic news, Apple is planning to eliminate the physical home button from its new design. We had those rumors about iPhone 7 but, it’s more likely coming to the Apple iPhone 8. Apple is planning to replace it with a touch sensitive digital button. This digital button will have the same features as it had in previous versions. Some believe that iPhone will change the location of fingerprint scanner, but it seems impossible to change the iconic design this time. It will be added on the same digital button, like the previous versions.



With the same dual lens camera on rear we saw on iPhone 7, we are expecting the same on the new iPhone 8. Its more unlikely to be changed in up-coming models. Some online reviewers are saying that it will come up with a totally new front camera. Its camera is said to be equipped with infrared to detect the subject and calculate its depth.


This camera is said to be the most advanced camera system available in smartphones around the globe. It features, facial recognition, 3D selfies as well as iris recognition.

Apple iPhone 8 Specification

Apple is more likely to bring major changes on the board of iPhone 8. It is more likely to have an A11 Chip, which is built on highly efficient 10nm manufacturing process of ARM. The new iPhone will be loaded with the latest version of iOS, which is iOS 11.  With the respective ROM storage of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB iPhone 8 will have the same versions.

Wireless Charging

Android introduced wireless charging 2 years ago and has been a much competitive advantage to them. Having its own disadvantages more than the advantages, Apple is planning to introduce a more efficient wireless charging system. Many sources reveal that Apple has been working on wireless charging technology since last year. They are exploring ways to reduce the power wastage, and finding out the possibility of increasing the distance between charging mat and the smart phone.


Facial Recognition System

Samsung was the first company to introduce a facial recognition system in their smartphones. It allowed the users to unlock their phone by looking at them. Apple is planning to include the same feature in its up-coming models. It might replace the thumb impression scanner that was planned to be included in the home button.


Water Resistance

Now we don’t have to worry about throwing our phone into water. The new Apple iPhone 8 is water resistant. It can sustain a depth of 1 meter and can remain in the same water for 30 minutes. This resistance is same as that of an Apple watch.


Apple will reportedly announce a free pair of AirPods with all new Apple iPhone 8. These wireless beauties were announced with the previous version of iPhone. These were not included in the buyer’s package and every one was annoyed to purchase them separately. They will have the same exciting features of playing and pausing the music while in and out of your ears. Thanks to Apple we will get them for free this time.


That was all from the latest Apple iPhone 8. Stay connected for more details, because there is more and more yet to come.

Do share what you expect to see in the new Apple iPhone, and check out how to extend iPhone battery life.




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