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Organize Your Garage

A-Z Guide to Organize Your Garage

Know what you have to Donate, Keep and Discard!

Is your garage a cool and safe place where you keep your belongings and your lovely cars? Or is it cluttered with junk? Do you find it pretty difficult to go in there and grab something? So, in simple words, do you even like opening your garage door? Most of us don’t use our garage just to store vehicles. We use them to store all other items that are mostly not required inside the house.  Today, we want to give you guys an A-Z Guide to Organize Your Garage. It will take hardly three to four weekends to clean out and organize everything in your garage, and make the territory available obviously for your vehicles.

Is This the Correct Time?

It’s a fact that garages are never a perfectly clean place with spotless shinny floors and décor. There are two primary functions. First it serves to be a place where you store your vehicles. Second is that they provide you with ample space to store things that you don’t want to be visibly placed inside your house. Things that are rarely used, or cramp us a lot of space are also stored in a garage. So again, primary functions are two, storage of vehicles, and storage of useful but in-displayable stuff.

You should only go for this exercise to organize your garage if you realize the below standards are being compromised:

  • Due to less space, you’re parking your vehicles outside.
  • There is a space issue and you find it quite hard to access important stuff.
  • When you have to remove or displace stuff in order to reach certain areas of your garage.
  • When you see that there are containers that have not been touched for at least over a year.

6 Containers: Organize Your Garage with Placement of Things in Categories

In order to start-off with the “Organize Your Garage” home project, you have to get six containers. The size of these containers will depend on the size of items that are stored in your garage. Mark each container with a title mentioned below. Now you have to remove all the items in your garage and place them in the appropriate category container. For a quick categorization process, have a look at the below tips:

1. Sellable Items

There’s nothing better than to sell off items that you don’t need. Craigslist can provide you with a platform to initiate the selling process. This way you can save yourself the hassle of throwing away stuff in junkyards, while making yourself some hard-earned bucks in the process.

Organize Your Garage
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2. Make Donations

The second container will be marked as Donations. As the name suggests, it will contain all the items that are usable for other people, but unwanted for you. Donating these items will save you the hassle of dumping them by yourself.

3. Freebies

All the items that cannot be sold neither donated will go to this third container. It will have all the items that you have to giveaway for free. A very good resource to let someone take these items from your doorstep is Craigslist. Fill up the required information of these objects in the section titled as “Free”, if you’re lucky, you’ll get rid of them by the end of the day.

4. Discarded Items

Mark the fourth container as discarded. Move all the items that you don’t want to sell, donate or give away for free. You’ve to pay special considerations to recyclable goods and remove any plastic, paper and glass. Depending upon the quantity of these items, you have to either dump them off yourself or make them a part of regular trash.

5. Household and Garden

Move all the items suitable for your house or garden to this box. These are the items that you really need, but somehow ended up in the clutter of your garage. Keep them in this container and move them into appropriate spaces inside your house.

6. Garage Items

This container will contain all the items that you want to keep in your garage. These are the things that you really want inside the garage storage. After Organize Your Garage exercise, these are the possessions, which are going to stay in your garage. So, choose them wisely depending on the available space.

Organize Your Garage


Guys, I hope that by following this very simple exercise to organize your garage, you can start off with the basics. We would love to touch other subjects like Proper storage method in a garage and how to follow this entire plan week-wise in our future posts.

That’s it for now, do share your feedback in the comments section and don’t forget to Subscribe.

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Happy Garage Overhaul!

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