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7 Easy and Reversible DIYs to Upgrade Your Rental Space

7 Easy and Reversible DIYs to Upgrade Your Rental Space


Welcome to Rental Life!

The flexibility in renting has been a topic on which much has been said – you’re in a position to easily move here and there, you can do easy travels and the best thing is, there’re no mortgage payments!

However, if you want to make your rental space a home that can speak for itself, then it can become sort of challenging. The major renovation and changes to structure get primarily out of question as you don’t own the place. So, if you want to know more about the creative tweaks to upgrade your rental space without giving much thought to structural changes, then you’re at the right place. This post discusses some easy and reversible upgrades that you can do in your rental space. Even if you’re the owner of your living place, you can do these tweaks in a very good budget and enhance the beauty of your home with a personalized touch!

Important: The most important thing is to check out the lease or rental agreement. This allows you to have an idea about what changes you’re allowed to do in the space that you have acquired. Check out the complete policy in details. It could be somehow lenient, but don’t get shocked if you’re supposed to leave the house in its original condition when you plan to pack up!


Tweaking textiles is the first and foremost easy tweak that you can perform to upgrade your rental space. With the help of textile tweaks, you can add up a lot of personality to your living place without much of a cost and hassle. A cool place to start off is by improving the rugs that you have. Rugs can be expensive, however, they are the most basic and biggest change that you can give your house.

If you’ve ugly flooring or old rugs, then its most important that you start off and change them in the very first place. Try to opt for a fine rug that modern and minimalist. If you want to hide the flooring, then go for a wall to wall carpet. The next step is to choose cushions and small textile items. Choose a color scheme and stick to it. Choose the curtains wisely and transform your entire rental space.

Try to follow some useful design ideas to save space in your apartment.



Most of the times, you can’t get your hands on an electrician and develop an entirely new lighting scheme. However, you can still transform the lighting of your rental space only by working with what you have. Lampshades and pendent lights are a good way to start off, they can add up to the beauty of any room by enhancing its outlook. If you want to go for a warmer feel in any room, just add a few lamps. Don’t forget to follow the color scheme that you choose in the first step and keep on placing the lamps in creative spaces.



Upgrading your shelves can add a feel to your living space. If you want to make your house feel like a home and have a personality of its own, then some good upgrades and tweaks to your shelves would go a long way. There are a lot of options through which you can change or integrate new shelves in your rental space. Try to go for floating shelves, they look awesome, but do try to know if you’re allowed to mess with the walls before purchasing them.

A good way is to ask if you’re not sure or it isn’t explicitly mentioned in your lease. If you’re not allowed to mess with the walls, then another good option is leather shelves. They require just two screws and can be fixed and removed very easily. If you’re not even allowed to drill two holes in the wall of your rental space, then try going for rectangular ones that can be placed on the floor. Be creative with what you choose, a good set of shelves would be a very nice addition to your rented space.


Texture is very important if you want to decorate a space. And baskets are a wonderful option to add texture to any space. Try some good storage ideas and use beautiful basket to compliment your storage problems. Your kitchen, laundry and garage would always require storage options, and good baskets are a very functional design element that solve your problem along with providing you a good storage option.


A rental space would not look like a home if you ignore some indoor plants. Mostly our rental spaces don’t come up with outdoor options, so the best pick is to get the outdoors in here. Plant addition to your living space would add up to the beauty along without posing any risk to the feel of your home. Add up some hanging plants along with potted ones to enhance the beauty of your rental space. If you don’t like the floor or walls entirely, then these plants would come up as a savior and cover the space that you want to hide.



In interior designing, art is considered as a cherry on top of all your other design ideas. If you use only one or two beautiful but inexpensive pieces, they can bring uniqueness and breathe life to you dead rental space. Sometimes, when you can’t drill even a hole in the walls, it becomes sort of challenging. However, there are a lot of spaces that you can utilize to display art. You can place them on top of your cabinets, use shelves to place art items, or you can just lean them against the wall. Rather than going for paintings, you can also try wall art using vinyl letters and add a customized message to welcome people in your home. You can use blue tack or hooks from 3M, they won’t even leave a mark when you remove the items.



Living in a rental space becomes extremely challenging, especially when you’re not allowed to do structural changes. In order to upgrade your rental space, large mirrors are really handy. They open up space and if placed in perfectly lit way, they can improve the lighting and warmth of your home. Check out the big mirrors available at IKEA and place them creatively in and around your house to give it a perfect feel. Don’t forget to place one at the entrance!


If you want to go one step ahead, and customize the rental space according to your own taste and feel, then try going for a paint job. Don’t forget to ask your landlord before giving it a go. Other than a paint job, you can try using some good wallpapers, 3D wall panels and decals.

Guys, this is all for today!

Hope these simple, easy and reversible upgrades to your rental space will add up a feeling of ownership and enhance its beauty. Do try these tweaks out and do tell us about your experience.

Happy Rental Space Upgrade!

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