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17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

There are those who like to be organized and have applications with which to control all the details of the purchase, and there are those who still send us messages via Telegram or other applications. Today we bring you a list of 17 applications to organize and manage the shopping list, so at least not for lack of alternatives.

In the list, you will find two types of applications. There are generic ones to create lists that can also be used for the purchase, but there are also many that are specifically created for this task, so they have many advanced options.

Google Assistant

17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

The Google AssistantGoogle Assistant, for friends, has a specific function to make a shopping list. The downside is that it is not integrated into other services and you have to go to the web shoppinglist.google.com to manage it, but in return, it gives you quite easily to be able to complete it from wherever you want.

You can use commands such as Add cereals to the shopping list or Add cereals and bread to the shopping list, and then when you want to see it access the web or tell the assistant Show me the shopping list. You can also add more people to a list to make it collaborative.

Bring! Shopping list

An application totally focused on creating and organizing shopping lists, with an interface that highlights the elements that you can add to the list above everything, including drawings and large icons. In each product, you have your name, but you will also be able to make annotations if you want to indicate brands or other issues.

It also allows you to create more than one shopping list, add the lists to other users and keep the updated list together. It is managed both from your website and mobile, is free, allows you to use it with Google Assistant and has support to be able to consult it from wearables like smartwatches.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a bit of an application of notes, documents, and tasks, all in one. It has the advantage that you can assign tasks to specific people, although it lacks other details of greater interest in the field of taking notes, such as the possibility of adding voice clips or making handwritten drawings.

However, for what it is to create shopping lists you have enough since you can also use its collaborative editing features with other people. It is not an app dedicated to these lists, so it will not be an option that stands out in case you do not have an account, but if you are already a user of Dropbox you can create your shopping lists without having to use another app.

Voice entry shopping list

17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

An interesting turn to classic applications to create shopping lists, since it focuses on allowing you to create shopping lists through your voice. It has two ways to make voice entries, one to go putting simple articles one by one and another for multiple items.

It allows you to manage multiple lists, delete purchased items and synchronize lists between devices. You can also share and import lists has recipe mode and options to customize the lists to your liking.

Google Keep

And we continue with a classic application to take all kinds of notes, Google Keep. The Google app is the most basic thing you can throw in your face, allowing you to create lists among other things. With these lists, you can prepare your shopping list, so that you can then click on the things you put in the basket so that they are as done.

The good thing is that the application allows you to create collaborative lists. With this, you and your partner can manage the shopping list at the same time, each with your mobile accessing the same list, and the first one who goes through the store will always know what is left to buy.

The shopping list

Another application dedicated entirely to help you with the shopping list. You can add products to the list and delete them when you buy them, they are all ordered in categories, with offline support, and automatic detection of units, quantities and the categories of these products. All without needing to even create an account.

The app also has voice input, functions to create or load security copies, the possibility of sorting categories and lists using drag and drop, and with options for the lock screen. You can use it on Android and iOS, so without a problem regardless of your mobile.


It allows you to create lists of products, which are stored in your database, and suggest products according to your previous records. You can share the lists, you have control of expenses and you can put products with the voice. You can also segregate the products of your list by types to be more organized and is compatible with Android Wear.

Microsoft OneNote

17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

Microsoft OneNote is becoming a very versatile application and can be interesting especially if you are a user of Windows 10. The application already lets you take notes with an app that was synchronized with a desktop version, and you can scan your lists on paper with Office Lens but now also integrates the sticky notes of Windows 10.

The Sticky Notes are useful which you can put on the Windows 10 desktop and take all kinds of notes, including therefore shopping lists. It is useful when you spend many hours on the computer and want to be able to take notes without opening a specific website or an app on your mobile.

Our Groceries Shopping List

17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

Another good application dedicated to shopping lists. You can create different lists and categorize everything, including adding elements or products by putting them a photo, choosing their list and assigning them a category. By proxy, you can even add recipes.

Its interface is clear and simple to use and includes options such as support for Wear OS, Apple Watch, for Alexa and Google Assistant, or the ability to share your lists. It is available for Android and iOS, so there will be no problem when using it. The application is also free and with advertising, but without the need to make in-app purchases.

Out Of Milk

This application has been one of the most important for the management of shopping lists for more than five years. Keep this position in the most important with a modern interface and very simple to use, being able to create a list divided into several categories, and in which you can mark products as purchased as if it were Google Keep.

Of course, the application also allows you to create multiple lists and share them with other people among many functions. It even has a barcode scanner to put products in the lists, but you can also do it by hand, and also price history, pantry management and amounts left at home and so on.

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More than an application to make shopping lists, it is one to manage the products you have in the fridge or your pantry. You can create several lists and several groups for them, share them and update them in real time. You always have a summary of the quantities, and it allows you to create shopping lists.

You can do these lists manually and fill them automatically with the products that are running out. You can also create labels for categories, something that will help you filter the products as well as search for them. You also have the possibility to use your voice to add products, although its negative point is that it is only available for Android.

Recipe Keeper

This application is perhaps the most different from the list. It is not designed to directly make shopping lists, but to plan your weekly and monthly meals and create your own database of recipes. You can enter the recipes by hand or import from different sources and websites, and add notes, photos or ratings.

And best of all, then you can create the shopping list from the recipes, so if you are going to prepare several you will have a list with everything you need. You can also add products to these lists by hand. You can also create different shopping lists to organize yourself to your liking.

Reminders on iOS and Siri

The Apple assistant also allows you to create lists, and you can call a “Purchases” to then add to it all you want at the time you think.

The reminders feature can also be useful thanks to your geopositioning. For example, we can make this app warn us to buy salmon, hake, and prawns when we are near the fishmonger of our house. Or buy detergent, toothpaste, and bread when passing near your supermarket.


An application prepared to manage shopping lists, which includes a product catalog and autocomplete function to help you speed up the preparation of the list. You can create the lists with only names, but you can also make them more complete by adding prices, units of measurement, observations, and photographs.

If you put prices the app calculates the total and maintains a history to make an analysis of expenses and comparative prices, with reports and charts. Even when separating products into categories you can know which ones you spend the most on. All this includes the synchronization in several devices and the possibility of sharing lists, although being an app only for Android these functions are a bit limited.


17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

This is not an application dedicated to shopping lists, but a To-Do manager with which you can manage them among other things. All you need to do is create a new section and call it a shopping list, and put everything you need in it. Come on, like Google Keep. It has a free version with limited functions, but for what it is to manage the shopping list is more than enough.


One of the most important To-Do applications of today, and with such power that it has mobile applications, desktop, and even browser extensions. And like any task management application, you can use it to create a simple shopping list. It has a free option, but also a payment option.

In the free version you can have up to 80 active tasks, enough to make a shopping list, and you can share them with up to five people, create subtasks and subprojects. With the paid version this limit is removed, and it adds features such as reminders, backup copies and more. A good app if you want to organize your tasks in addition to the shopping list.


17 Applications To Organize And Manage Your Shopping List

And we finish with another of the great task managers that you can find today. Well, better than a task manager, we could even call him a life manager. It serves to create notes, documents, a database or knowledge, tasks and more. And of course, among such a function is also to create shared lists, perfect for while you organize work or life, in general, to remember and note that you lack bread mold.

Extra: official applications of supermarkets

And this article could not be complete without the official applications of the main supermarkets. All of them try to help you with more or less complete experiences, with apps that include discounts, catalogs, brochures of offers, and of course the possibility of making shopping lists.

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