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15 Ways to Decorate Your Garden with Astonishing Fence Designs

15 Ways to Decorate Your Garden with Astonishing Fence Designs

If you go out shopping for garden fences nowadays, you’ll notice a wide variety of fence designs. It is very difficult to choose a perfect one from hundreds of available options. Garden fences are available in different materials, designs, dimensions, colors, and heights. You need to find one that fulfills the purpose that made you look for it in the first place. The decoration of the fence that you choose will highly influence the aesthetics of your garden. Today, we are gonna share 15 ways to decorate your garden with astonishing fence designs. This post will allow you to choose the perfect match for your garden.

15 Ways to Decorate Your Garden with Astonishing Fence Designs

1. Wire Fence

In more than one dwelling, this type of fence is composed of crossed wires. Although they are not very showy, if you intend to have a high fence, then this is one of the best options. If you want intimacy, you can let a few creepers grow on them. They will also serve to provide you with the much-needed shade in sunny weather.

wire fence

2. Vertical Garden Fence Design

If the support-structure is made for a certain weight and also has a slit or surface to hang pots, you can manage to create a garden area on the fence itself. In this case, go for small planters with rain-fed plants placed vertically. It seems perfectly original.

Vertical Garden Fence Designs

3. Wooden Fence Ideas

They are very decorative and offer the possibility of being decorated in multiple ways. For example, you can use them to surround your pool and place several shrubs or small spruces to add a more natural air in your garden.

Wooden Fence Ideas

4. Hanging Baskets on Wooden Sheets

With this option we gain color and joy. Give the wood a touch of spring, thanks to the pots full of flowers. In addition, this way of adding color to the garden has an advantage that it does not occupy useful floor space.

Hanging Baskets on Wooden Sheets

5. Wooden Stakes

Even if your garden is sufficiently protected from the outside, you still need to separate its environments. To separate the pool area from the rest of the garden, logs of different heights could be placed to differentiate the sunbathing area from the rest of the garden.

Wooden Stakes

6. Ornamental Trellises

Easily attachable to the top, they adhere to virtually any structure. As you can appreciate the image, they bring a lot of elegance to the garden. The hooks that make up the patterns provide you with space to grow creepers and other plants.

Ornamental Trellises

7. Framing Recycled Vases

This fence design would not show us anything beautiful unless it has splendid adornments. The garden is one of the areas of our home that best lends itself to being decorated with recycled elements. In this case, several wooden frames and aluminum cans have been chosen as vases.

Framing Recycled Vases

8. Wrought Iron Decorations

It is very easy for your fence to become an authentic work of art like the one you can see in this image. The wrought iron flowers intermingle with the natural ones as if they were part of the same vegetation.

Wrought Iron Decorations

9. A Fence Decorated with String Art

Walls are not the only surface that can be decorated with tight threads. In this garden, a very original space has been created by using words. At the front of the fence, we see a vintage chair that surely accompanies a set of table and chairs of the same style.

A Fence Decorated with String Art

10. Wicker Fence Designs Give a Very Natural Look

They fit perfectly with the boho chic decoration of the garden. Add several garlands with lights around the fence, this will give the entire environment a very bohemian touch. The color is provided by the fabrics with ethnic and floral prints. Plants on each corner of the sofa give it a more splendid touch.

Wicker Fence Designs Give a Very Natural Look

11. Metal Fences

Metal Fence Designs are always a very daring option for your garden. They are associated more with industrial aesthetics. If metal fences are complemented with vegetal species a little coolness is subtracted from the environment. Combine the metal fence structure with different plant species to add to the beauty.

Metal Fences

12. Gabions or Wire Walls

They are another alternative to preserve your garden. Wire walls are a very economical solution, being a mesh of metal filled with stones, they appear simulating the aesthetics of a masonry wall. They are perfect for gardens with a modern aesthetic.

Gabions or Wire Walls

13. A Fence with Coconut Shells

You can use gabion grids to provide you with a cool effect by filling them up with different materials, not just stones. The coconut provides a very natural and unique air to the garden that contrasts very well with the green vegetation and the seats. Create different structures and shapes on the wall and on the floor, combine gravel, light stone and wood to create a perfect garden.

13. A Fence with Coconut Shells

14. Stone Fence Designs

Stone fences are more than just a normal fence, with the help of them, you can create an entire wall. However, the most commonly used alternative is to combine one part with stones and another with metallized structures that normally do the door function. This stone fence fits very well with the fairy tale that floods your small garden.

Stone Fence Designs

15. Add a Vintage Touch to Your Garden with an Antique Bike

You can either restore it a bit or directly leave it with its present aged appearance. Like shown in this space, you can try replacing the saddle with a vintage basket full of flowers. Change the handlebars by a metal container reminiscent of an old dairy.

Vintage garden bike

Guys, what do you think of these perfect fence designs to preserve the privacy of your garden? Surely you have some other idea to contribute. Tell us!

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Happy Fencing!


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