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12 DIY Tricks to Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Allow Your Mind to Wander Freely: DIY Tricks to Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Do you want to be the next George R. R. Martin?

If you do, you’ve to start by imagining and telling yourself that you are indeed a very creative mind.

Today, we have compiled a list of DIY tricks to enhance your creative writing skills by allowing your mind to wander freely.

1. Increase your creativity by working out of a café.

Your imagination will take all the things in your surroundings into consideration, including a little noise.

Increase your creativity by working out of a café.

Ever wondered why every movie shows a writer working in a café, this stereotype is there for very good reasons. It is scientifically proven that a little noise can provide you with a good kick start to push you in your creative zone. So, a café is the ideal place that you can choose to perform your creative writing work. If the noise level is non-existent, try shifting to some light music. Try out some tracks that don’t have lyrics, so that your mind doesn’t get involved in deciphering the meaning out of them.

2. Don’t ever consider yourself an under-achiever.

There are always people telling you that you’re not good enough, the best way is to fake it, until you’re there!

Don’t ever try to shoot yourself in the foot. There are numerous studies out there that show that a man is his own worst enemy. You’ve to understand your own potential and never underestimate your own self. So, the next time you take a stroll, imagine that you’re “J.D. Salinger”, and you’d have more and more thoughts of writing the next “Catcher in the Rye”. On the other hand, if you keep on thinking that you’re the same old uncreative illogical person, then writing even a short description would end up being a very difficult task.

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”  ― Rainer Maria RilkeLetters to a Young Poet

3. Allow your mind to wander freely.

Don’t try too hard to focus, give your mind the room to do things freely and more creatively.

Allow your mind to wander freely.

Don’t ever burn your creativity. If you try too hard and give yourself a pre-defined time slot, then you’re more likely to exhaust yourself in the middle of the process and give yourself a brain freeze. Don’t go to the library, unless you’re pretty sure that things are going to turn out the way you want them to. If you try to bring deliberate disconnections with the task at hand, then its your perfect time to get creative ideas. In order to spark that creativity that you’ve lost somewhere within yourself, you have to allow your mind to wander like a nomad vagabond. This will instigate the inner creativity that you’ve longed so much in the recent past.

4. Dig into your perception

Don’t rely on the obvious, give yourself time to think about all aspect and create something unique.

Suppose you’re writing a comedy scene about a flight. You could talk about many things funny, like how the seats are, how the attendant walked, or how ridiculous was the security queue. However, this is not something that your audience is expecting from you. These are the things that everybody already knows. You’ve to dig into your perception and imagine you’re in a flight. Then you’ve to re-imagine all the things that happened in your last flight experience and draft out something that’s worth the readers while.

5. Learn from solitude, do not offer explanations.

Ever wondered why the end of the movie Inception was not entirely explained?

Learn from solitude, do not offer explanations.

You’ve to love the offerings of your solitude. This gives you an inner voice that can come out with the pain that this loneliness is causing you. For your creativity to look eloquent, you’ve to believe that you’re far away in a world created from your experiences. Don’t tell everything to your readers, they should give in their thoughts to comprehend what you create. If you keep on explaining everything, its more likely that no one would be able to understand. People need art and writing in a form that attracts them, the best attraction in any piece of creative work is the relevance and relation that they can build with it. Everyone leads a different life, and it depends solely upon people how they perceive what you show them. In order to let the creativity of your work flourish, you’ve to let it go without any explanation.

6. Note down your ideas.

Your ideas might make your creativity stagnant.

In creative writing, the most difficult part is to get hold of ideas. Therefore, its really important to create and manage a constant stream of ideas flowing through your conscious. The best way is to write down ideas, as soon as they strike you. However, after writing down a few, you’ve to make sure that they’ve been written somewhere safe. After that, you’ve to flush your mind clean, so that new ideas can strike your mind, and the older one’s do not become a dictating factor in this process.

7. Create a habit of writing down every day.

Daily writing will improve your creative writing skills immensely.

Create a habit of writing down every day.

The age we live in, writer’s block and what I call it, Creative Thinking Block are true challenges that wordsmiths face these days. A very good habit that can get your writing on autopilot is to practice writing a few pages every day. The best time to do this is early morning. This morning creative writing skills enhancement practice should not be related to your next creation. Just write about anything that’s on your mind or you like to write about. By doing this, you’re indulging your writing senses into a habitual activity. Believe me, this will increase your writing and creative thinking abilities manifolds. If you’ve done mastering this habit, you’d see that your writing is not anymore difficult, it just an autopilot task. Whenever, your mind strikes a new creative idea, you pen will create something beautiful out of it.

8. Do your creative work when you’re bored.

When the mind is bored, it needs something new to think on.

Those smoke breaks you take at work, and that walk to the restroom, the cup of coffee that you willing make yourself. All these things are small breaks which give our mind the freedom it needs from the boredom it is in. Therefore, the next time you’re working on a creative project, give yourself a break. But don’t do anything in this break, no coffee, no smoke, no Facebook or Twitter. This is the time, when your brain would be bored, because you don’t have anything to do. And this time your brain activity would be the best to churn out award winning creative ideas, while immensely improving your creative writing skills.

9. Keep your darlings away.

Don’t try to kill them, rather place them somewhere they can be accessed later.

If you’ve been into the creative world, then you must understand that every artist has darlings. These darlings are artistic creations that you’ve made. You feel possessive about them, and you want people to understand your feelings. Being an artist, you’ve to love your creations, but when others don’t, you simply get offended. It is highly unlikely and very difficult if you get rid of your darlings once and for all. However, I recommend that you keep them with you, but at a safe distance where they can’t disturb you.

10. Don’t judge yourself.

Take an action, even if it is not the perfect one.

Don’t judge yourself

The toughest part in creative writing is starting off. In your own opinion, many of your writings won’t be good, or some won’t even make sense. However, the best way to improve your creative writing skills is by giving it a shot. Its not how you think about your work, it how the readers would think about it. And if you try to fret upon it too much, then you’ll get into difficulties starting. So, the best practice is, once you start don’t look back, don’t judge yourself and keep on going with the flow. Once you complete, all the review and improvements can be done.

Always remember that you’re good enough and you posses the accurate set of skills required to get you along with what you do best. Creative writing is not a task for anyone, it requires immense focus and having a variety of ideas in your arsenal. Being a very difficult task, it becomes even more difficult once you decide to think that you can’t do it. Remember, valuable things are difficult to create, they require focus, hard work, dedication and your utmost attention. Whenever you think about leaving a creative project in the middle, just think about the worth that you end product will have.


Never doubt yourself, if you succeed in eliminating doubt in yourself and your work, it is one of the best ways to improve your creative writing skills. Its very easy to recall all the reasons why you can’t do something. However, it’s difficult to recall all the purposes that made you do it in the first place. If you keep on telling yourself that you’re the creator of wonderful pieces of art, then all that matters is the end product.

Don’t forget to share your feedback on the DIY tricks to enhance your creative writing skills. We will look forward to hear from you and answer your queries.

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Happy Creative Writing!

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