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Revealed Bra Straps

11 Fashion Mistakes That You Should Never Make

Season after season, we can see the unlimited fashion brands creating a number of different images for women. Nowadays, style is something that’s ever changing, and one cannot be a full-time follower of style, unless he spends a few hours every day reading vogue or cosmopolitan. What we can do in this style-heavy world, is to at-least follow some basic rules of thumb that have been defined and everyone is expected to follow them. So today, we are going to talk about fashion mistakes that you should never make. We would tell you about these mistakes in details, and the proper alternate that would be best for your dressing sense.

Carry on reading if you wanna know about them.

1. Proper Shoe Selection with Business Suits

Proper Shoe selection with Business Suits

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Wearing a couple of flat shoes over a business dress is the biggest fashion mistake that you should never make. They make your ankles look a lot bigger than they actually are. Apart from this, they also end up giving your legs a bad and wide shape. If you want to induce elegance in your business outfit, then always remember to choose a medium sized heal. This will purely compliment your garment along with giving your legs and feet a splendid look.

2. Long Shirts Should Always be Tucked Inside a Jeans

Long Shirts Must Always be Tucked Inside a Jeans

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Whenever you wear a long shirt over your jeans, don’t forget to tuck it in. If you let it remain hanging outside, it would give the garment a very long look, which doesn’t seem so elegant. If you’re wearing a denim-shorts, a shirt hanging outside would look even more inappropriate. It’s always better to tuck longer silhouettes inside your jeans. If you’re not comfortable to do so, or its just not your style, then go for looser garments, rather than a long shirt hanging outside your jeans.

3. Do not Carry Large Handbags to Parties

Do not Carry Large Handbags to Parties

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Many people prefer to use large handbags, it gives them much more comfort to store their belongings. Bigger handbags are a good pick when you opt for a business outfit or a casual one. However, just make sure that you don’t carry it around in a restaurant or at a party. If you’re heading to a party, your best option is to choose a very compact clutch. Voluminous bags look very inappropriate in such occasions.

4. Don’t use Ankle Boots While Wearing a Skirt

Don’t use Ankle Boots While Wearing a Skirt

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If you’re wearing a short-skirt, don’t go for ankle boots. They rarely compliment shorter silhouettes. If you wear one, they are gonna make the size of your legs look very small than they actually are. Go for tall boots, especially in winters. In summers, you can opt for a more classic look by wearing a pair of flat shoes.

5. Combination of Loose Garments

Combination of Loose Garments

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Loose garments must be used wisely. They hide the curves of your body and give it a more informal look. Once in a while, they are good to go as a changed style. However, if you wear a loose garment top, then always choose a tighter or fit bottom. If you add several loose garments as your dress, they would end up completely hiding your body and giving it a very dull shape. This proper balance of loose and tight compliments one another and gives you a perfect look in exchange.

6. Don’t Wear Shorts with Tights

Don’t Wear Shorts with Tights

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During summers shorts is a traditional piece of clothing that provides us with added comfort. However, some of us are so fond of it, that we put it on in winters with a pair of tights underneath. This doesn’t look good at all and is a very big fashion mistake that you should always avoid. It’s better to wear shorts only in summer than to compromise your look with a thick pair of tights.

7. Tulip Skirts

Tulip Skirts

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If you like tulip skirts, then always remember to go for the one with a low-lying waist line. The one with higher waistlines, look good only if you’re standing straight. They tend to look disfigured especially from your tummy when you walk or sit down. This creates a look of extra fat at your belly even if you’re slim. You can always go for a classic skirt if you want to avoid this disfigured outlook. Do remember to choose the one that looks perfect on your figure.

8. Big-Sized Shoes

Big-Sized Shoes

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Whenever, you want to get new shoes, always remember to go in the morning. As the day passes, our feet get swollen and tired. Hence, it’s better to choose your favorite pair in the morning. This will give you an opportunity to get the perfect fit. If you choose bigger shoes, do remember that they don’t always look good. So, always go for smaller ones that compliment your feet, rather than making them look gigantic.

9. Turtleneck Uppers

Turtleneck Uppers

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You should only go for a turtleneck shirt if your neck is long. If you’ve a short or medium neck, it would look even more shorter if you wear a turtleneck. This gives your figure a square outlook, which doesn’t look so good. An open neckline is a good choice, you can enhance your look further by adding kerchiefs and scarfs.

10. Poorly Fitted Jeans

Poorly Fitted Jeans

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Jeans are the ultimate choice, when it comes to daily wear. However, they soon lose their shape and become stretchy and loose. Whenever, you try a pair of jeans, make sure that it is a perfect fit. If it doesn’t fit you properly the first time and is a bit stretchy, it would become even more loose after a few washes. Always choose one that a bit fit, that would give it more life, and you’d be able to use them for a much longer period.

11. Revealed Bra Straps

Revealed Bra Straps

Whenever you wear a bra under a smaller outfit like sleeveless uppers, make sure that it’s straps are not visible. Visible straps just don’t look good and make your style entirely compromised. A good way to deal with visible bra straps is to take a paperclip and stick it with both straps. This way they will stay in the middle, unrevealed under your shirt, while giving you the optimum look that you crave.

Guys, this is all for today, hope you liked our opinion about 11 fashion mistakes that you should never make. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us.

Happy Styling!


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