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Dangerous Kitchen Items that You Should Know About

11 Dangerous Kitchen Items that You Should Know About

We use a lot of kitchen items every day. Being ordinary essentials, they don’t trigger our mind towards their harmfulness. However, taking a lot at the other side of the picture, we get to know how dangerous they can turn out to be.

Today, we tried to compile a list of most dangerous kitchen items that you should know about. We hope that our effort would change your daily kitchen routine to bring safety towards your cooking habits.

1. Plastic Storage Containers for Food

Plastic Storage Containers for Food

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Plastic is very dangerous for health, especially when we use it to store eatables. Many studies have proven that the chemicals used in making plastic can cause many health concerns including cancer. So, get rid of this dangerous kitchen item and try to store all your food in tin or glass containers.

2. Sink or Kitchen Wash Basin

Sink or Kitchen Wash Basin

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All of us use a kitchen sink to do dishes or other stuff. However, the cleanliness of your wash basin is of extreme importance. Most of us store dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, if they stay there for long, the harmful bacteria start to grow, these bacteria can result in different diseases, which we want to avoid at all costs. So, hygiene is of great importance if you want to get rid of this danger. Clean your sink regularly with a good washing liquid that gets rid of these bacteria and save yourself and your family from the dangers that it possesses.

3. Knives And Racks

Knife Racks

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Knives are pretty dangerous, but not if you’re using them for kitchen purposes and that too safely. Always keep your knives sharp, if they have a blunt edge, they might slip. And if a knife slips, it can give you a deep wound. Try to use your knives as safely as possible.

4. Sponge


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Always remember that you have to change your kitchen sponge pretty often. As we all know that a sponge is used to wipe off dirty and contaminated food remains. These remains are highly contaminated and rinsing it with clean water is not enough to get rid of them. If you want to stay healthy and get rid of the dangers that a dirty sponge has, you have to change it pretty often. If you want to get rid of the harmful agents without changing the sponge, then try microwaving it for a few minutes.

5. Napkins and Towels

Napkins and Towels

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Always keep your kitchen towels clean. You can also try using disposable paper towels in order to get a much hygienic environment. Being constantly in contact with your hands and thus the food that you cook, they are the primary agents of contamination.

6. Air Freshening Sprays

Air Freshening Sprays

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Once again here we are dealing with chemicals, which are harmful for you and make the food that you eat full of them. Try avoiding as much chemicals as possible and go towards natural things as much as possible. As mentioned before the dangers of chemicals are not just small health problems, this can even lead to cancer, which is amongst the biggest causes of death.

7. Gas Oven and Stoves


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Make it your habit to always check the stove and oven before going to bed. Ovens run on gas and gas can cause serious injuries if it left unsupervised. It is extremely dangerous to keep the gas running while you sleep. If it accumulates in your room, there’s a chance of suffocation. Other than this, it is highly inflammable, so don’t take chances in this one and make it your habit to check your stove, oven, gas heaters and other appliances before you get to bed.

8. Non-Stick Cooking Utensils

Non-Stick Cooking Utensils

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Non-stick utensils are often coated with Teflon, which creates very dangerous fumes if over-heated. These fumes absorb in the food that we consume, hence making it very dangerous to consume. Try going for routine and old-fashioned utensils to get rid of this danger.  

9. Meat Mincer


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Mincers are very powerful tools to grind the meat that you inset in them. Always try to protect your fingers, as if it goes into the grinding area, you can hurt yourself pretty bad. Also, do take care of the cleanliness of your mincer. Do push the meat using the special tool provided to do that, rather than inserting your fingers in it.

10. Proper Disposal of Garbage

Proper Disposal of Garbage

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Don’t try getting your hands in the garbage disposal machine. Don’t even try to pick up anything that’s dropped in it. Try to dispose of garbage to create a healthy environment. Don’t let it rot inside your kitchen and get yourself exposed to its hazards.

11. Kitchen Boards


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Never use utensils or boards that have cracks in them. They pose you towards two dangers, the first being a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which, as mentioned before are really harmful for you. Cracked boards can also pose you to a risk of slipping your knife and hurting yourself while using them. So, take much care in this regard, and discard the one’s that have even the slightest cracks.

Guys, these were all the details about the dangerous kitchen items that you should know about. We hope that you’d follow these instructions and mend your kitchen habits to get rid of the dangerous items that pose a direct risk to our health and safety.

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Happy Kitchen Safety!

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