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11 DIY Coca-Cola Tips that will Make Your Life Much Easier

There won’t be a single soul in the world, who hasn’t heard about coca cola. This is largely due to the fact that more than 1.5 billion coke servings are consumed each day. There are a lot of discussions on coke being a healthy intake or otherwise, however, today, we are more interested to share some DIY coca-cola tips that will make your life much easier.

You might not have heard about the things that we’re going to share in this post, we will use a bottle of coke as your skin care remedy and also its household usage.

So, carry on reading if you wanna know more about the most helpful daily life uses of coca cola!

1. Coke Dish-wash

Coke Dish-wash

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All of us have heard that there is acid in coca cola, this acid helps remove some of the toughest strains that you have on your cooking pan. If you’re tired of the burned outlook of any cooking utensil that you have, then just take a can of coke and pour it over the burned utensil. Let it stay there for about 30 minutes and you’d be amazed to see the results!

2. Hair Care with Coke

Hair Care with Coke

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Ever tried pouring a can of coke in your head?

Probably not!

Do you want to enhance the curls in your hair? Or dissolve the unwanted color of the you’re using? Do you want your hair to look fuller?

Try rinsing your hair with coke, check out the model and actress Suki Stackhouse admitting to the fact that she uses coke to occasionally rinse her hair. Its been proven that coke has a significant amount of phosphoric acid, which provides the much needed help to your hair. So instead of applying chemicals and tonics, try it out for once!

3. Coca Cola BBQ Sauce

Coca Cola BBQ Sauce

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We all like to consume coke with BBQ, but have you ever tried creating a delightful sauce out of it? Just take some tomato ketchup and mix one regular can of coke in it. This sauce adds to the deliciousness of your BBQ serving, it can also be used before grilling meat and for other food uses, check out this link to know more!

4. Medical Uses of Coke

Medical Uses of Coke

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As mentioned in an article in reader’s digest, the soda present in coke can help ease the digestive process. Many people suffer from acid reflux, which is also called gastrointestinal reflux disease, the acid present in coke neutralizes the acid inside the stomach and gives the consumer a relief from the indigestion that he is facing. According to another study, coke provides the relief from a condition known as wheat allergy. The allergic reaction and allergens are neutralized by the phosphoric acid present in coke.

Don’t consider coke a medicine, above explanation is solely for the purpose to elaborate how coke can help you make your own life easy.

5. Strain Removing Ability

Strain Removing Ability

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Another everyday DIY use of coke that can make your life pretty easy is by using it as a strain removing agent. Coke has a capacity to remove even the toughest of strains that include blood, grease, and other tough strains. Its use is pretty simple, you just have to add a little quantity of coke along with the detergent in your washing machine and see the phosphoric and carbonic acid work wonders.

6. Removing Marker Strains

Removing Marker Strains

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Many kids are not so kind to the carpet or sofa and fill it up with their kiddy graffities. If your little one’s are also in the carpet decoration business and use tough markers to do that, then do not panic, you have a can of coke for your rescue! Just pour a little amount over the marker strain, and use a brush dipped in liquid dish-wash to scrub off the strains.

7. Windscreen Defrost and Cleaner

Windscreen Defrost and Cleaner

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Many of us face frosted windows when we turn out to start our car in cold mornings. A handy can of coke can solve your problem. Just pour it over the frozen window, the ice will come off itself. During warmer season, it can also be used as an agent to remove dirt from the windows of your car. Don’t forget to wash your windows with water after applying coke. Otherwise, it will stick on the windows throughout the day and will be very sticky for everyone who touches.

8. Gardening Help With Coke

Gardening Help With Coke

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With the help of coke, your garden can become healthy, green and blooming. Acidic soil due to addition of coke provides your plants with an amazing growth due to the pH reduction. Some experts are even of the opinion that a good addition of coke in compost will increase the growth of microorganisms along with improving and strengthening the fertilizer’s quality.  

You can also use coke to create a trap for wasp.

9. A Designer Tool for Vintage Photos

A Designer tool for Vintage Photos

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If you like that vintage effect of photos and other antique collectables, then you’d be glad to know that you can get them by using coke. You just have to dip the photo in a dish full of coke and let it dry. Once dried, it will have that vintage worn out effect that you want.

10. Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry Cleaner

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As mentioned before, the acid contents of coca cola help to remove even the toughest of strains. This way, it can be used to remove strains from metal items like your jewelry. Just soak all your silver belongings in a bowl of coke and leave it for 10-15 minutes. If you want to see the results fast, then heat the bowl using a microwave and you’d get the outcome in just a minute or two.

11. Fun and Experiments

Fun and Experiments

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You can create a fountain of your coke. Just fill up a glass of coke and add a few Mentos, and you have your cola-fountain ready. However, if you do this process in a watermelon, the results won’t be the same. So, avoid wasting a watermelon and do it in a jar instead!

So guys, that’s all for today, hope you liked the DIY coca-cola tips that will make your life much easier. Don’t forget to try them out and share your experience with us. Waiting to hear back from you, and please remember that even after sharing these multiple cola benefits, sticking to it as a drink still seems to be the most appropriate one!

Enjoy Your Coke! 

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