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Choose Time As Your Screen Password

10 Hidden Smartphone Features That You Should Start Using Right Now

The advancements in smartphones is something that no one can deny. With its daily usage, we have to handle many unwanted things for example ads. Many of us are quite concerned about our privacy and what sort of data is being collected using smartphones and how it can affect us. Today, we have compiled a list of hidden smartphone features that you should start using right now. The hacks mentioned in this list would let you use your smartphone in a much smarter way.

So carry on reading if you wanna know them!

1. Block Unwanted Advertisements

Block Unwanted Advertisements

As mentioned before, ads lead to the most unwanted experience that you can have over the smartphone. They cover the screen, baiting you to click on them. Many of them even lead to fake products and services, which most of us truly hate. The best way to block these unwanted enforcers from taking over your smartphone is by enabling Airplane mode. It is a built-in feature in iPhone and Android phones and disconnects all kind of signals that connect to your phone. So, the next time you want to play your favorite game, turn the Airplane Mode on and get rid of those unwanted ads.

Just remember that you won’t be able to send or receive any kind of text message and phone calls when Airplane mode is on.

2. Remember Wi-Fi Passwords

Remember Wi-Fi Passwords

Our phones have the feature to remember the connection of every Wi-Fi that it connects to. It saves it in its memory and display it in an encrypted form showing Asterisks or Dots. In Android, there are apps that can provide you with an additional feature to remember and show all these passwords in the search Wi-Fi screen. This app keeps a record of all the connections that your phone ever used in the past and display their password in front of them. So, the next time you go to your friend’s place, you don’t have to ask him for the Wi-Fi password, unless he’s changed it!

It also helps you remember your own Wi-Fi password and share it with someone who asks for it!

3. Sending Auto Replies to Missed Incoming Calls

Sending Auto Replies to Missed Incoming Calls

There are options to reject calls while sending the caller a text message with a single tap. However, most of us don’t know the fact that we can create our custom callback messages in our phones. This option is preset and available in both iPhone and Android. Just go to settings -> Phone -> Text Response and create a customized message for your callers.

4. Use Android as Guest

Use Android as Guest

Many people don’t like their privacy to be compromised. Whenever, we start using a new Android phone, it asks us a lot of questions regarding our selections and also asks for an email ID. This email ID is used to provide us with a customized experience, while collecting a lot of information through our internet browsing habits. Privacy conscious people can use Android smartphones in guest mode if they don’t to share a lot of information online. In order to start using it, just go to Settings -> Users -> Guest Mode.

5. Secret Code to Hide Your Caller ID

Secret Code to Hide Your Caller ID

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If you don’t want the receiver of the call to see the number from which you’re calling, then you can use a simple code to do that. Just dial *#31# before the phone number that you want to call on and your number won’t be displayed to the receiver.

6. Audio and Music Timer

Audio and Music Timer

In iPhone there is a hidden smartphone feature that allows you to auto select the time for which you want to play any specific audio. This option is good for people who listen to music and fall asleep while listening to it. If they turn this option on and select a good time, the music will automatically stop after the time that you choose. You can also use this feature while working out, the music will stop after your pre-defined time has passed, and you would be able to calculate the amount of time spent on any specific exercise.

7. Shoot a Video and Take Photos at the Same Time

Shoot a Video and Take Photos at the Same Time

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iPhone comes with a lot of features that are really handy. While you’re making a video, and want to capture a specific frame as an image too, you can simply click on the camera icon to do that. So, there’s no need to stop the video or missing a good snap. Just try it out!

8. Sharing Through Android Beam

Sharing Through Android Beam

There are a lot of options when it comes to file sharing. The simplest is by using Android Beam. Just put the back of your phone on the back of another one and tap share. Android Beam is much more useful than Bluetooth or other file sharing options.

9. Attach a Mouse and Keyboard

Attach a Mouse and Keyboard

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Did you know that you Android Phone can have a mouse or keyboard attached to it as an input device? These input methods are very useful if you’re having problems with the display of your smartphone. Just attach a USB cable and stick a mouse or keyboard to the other end, you got yourself a mini-computer!

10. Choose Time As Your Screen Password

Choose Time As Your Screen Password

There’s an app that can convert the current time to your screen lock password. With the help of it, you’d always remember your password, however, no one else would be able to guess it. Even if someone watches you enter a password, it would automatically change to the current time, so no worries!

Guys, these were some hidden smartphone features that you should start using right now, we hope that you liked the post and we would love to hear from you!


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