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10 Hidden Smartphone Features that you never heard about

10 Hidden Smartphone Features that You Never Heard About!

Smartphones have changed the way we look and do things. A few years ago, we needed many different devices to perform many different tasks. But today, with the help of smartphones we can have a single device to use as a phone, a pager, a TV, a newspaper and your wallet. There’s even more to smartphones that we don’t know about and today, we are going to tell you about 10 hidden smartphone features that you never heard about.

Smartphones have already made your life quite easy, but if you know these hidden features, it will become even easier!

1. Display a Message on Lock Screen

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We use graphic patterns or keys to lock our smartphones, but what if we lose it, and the person who finds it out is interested to return it back. He won’t be able to browse through your contacts and somehow reach you to return you the phone. However, in the new version of Android, there a secret feature, through which you can display a message on the lock screen of your smartphone. You can use this message in many smart ways, one could be a simple text message to call you on a provided number. This would make it very easy to get your lost phone back.

In order to set this up, you need to go to the settings and choose lock screen option. Choose signature and simply add your email or alternate phone number.

2. Return Smartphone Option

Return Smartphone Option

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If you have an iPhone, there’s a feature through which you can locate your lost phone, however, in case of Android, no such feature is built in. You can look for a good app that provides you services such as taking camera snaps, activating the microphone and blocking access to the phone. There are apps that also provide you the option to locate your smartphone using GPS and trace and delete all its data. You can use an app called Cerberus, and use it to even send out noisy warning to people nearby.

3. Memory Saving

Memory Saving

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Smartphones are available with a wide range of different hardware specs and features. Some come with a huge storage, whereas some rely on built-in smaller storage capacities. When you go out to purchase one for yourself, always choose the one with greater capacity or an option to add up extendable memory cards. However, if you already own a phone that’s low on capacity and you don’t want to remove your favorite TV shows, then there are some options that can help you. First is Dropbox, you can use this app to increase your storage capacity and backup some data to their servers. Second is OneDrive, which can also be used in the same way. iPhones come with additional iCloud storage, which also provides you with memory boosting options. Simply backup your data to these online services, and save the available memory on your phone.

Telegram Messenger is another great option, through this app, you can send data to yourself and use it later on as required.

4. Use Your Smartphone as a CCTV Camera

Use Your Smartphone as a CCTV Camera

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Tired of setting up surveillance devices in your little one’s crib? Use your old smartphone to do this simple task for you. Take a look at the available apps at PlayStore and choose the one that suits you best. These apps will turn your phone in a motion sensing device and they will capture images whenever there is some movement in front of the smartphone camera. To add up to this, they will also email you these pictures, so that you can immediately have a look. This can also be done to watch over your pets. Set up a DIY surveillance device for yourself through this video.

5. Use Smartphone in Your Car as a Dash-Cam

Use Smartphone in Your Car as a Dash-cam

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New cars often come up with a pre-installed dash cam, however, older ones and even many new do not provide this very handy feature. Now you can use your smartphone as a dash cam in your car. Simply go the PlayStore and get your hands on a cool dash cam app. You’d get a wonderful view of the road ahead, and you can also install it as a reverse cam and get a better view of what’s behind you.

6. Get Access to the Magic Android Menu

Get Access to the Magic Android Menu

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Are you an avid smartphone user? Want to know more about your phone?

Be a junior Android Developer and start changing your smartphone settings at your will by visiting this hidden menu. Simply open settings and go to the section where it says “About Phone”. Click on this link seven times and hurray, you’ve got your hands on the Android Developer’s Menu. You can use this menu to tweak your overall phone performance, you can also use it to improve it signal quality and reception. This menu also provides you with an option to change your system appearance.

Word from the wise!

Use it wisely and don’t end up spoiling your smartphone!

7. Create an Ultra Violet Light

Create an Ultra Violet Light

© FaceTube Worldwide / youtube  

Want to use your smartphone to check out the authenticity of cash that you receive?

You can do this by turning your smartphone into a bank note checker. Simply DIY your way and utilize a few markers and tape to convert your smartphone light into a UV Light.

First off, take out a tape and stick it over the light of your phone. Use a blue colored marker and paint it over. Use another tape, and this time paint it using a purple marker. Your UV light will be ready once you repeat these steps twice to add two more layers.

Check out this video and help yourself create one!

8. Check Surface Level Through Smartphone

Check Surface Level Through Smartphone

© iHandy Level /  

While checking the specs of a smartphone, we often consider buying one with a gyro sensor and accelerometer. These sensors are essential to check out the position of your smartphone. There are specific Android and iOS apps that allow you to use your phone as a surface level checking device. Using both these sensors, your smartphone will tell you perfect levels the next time you want to hang a picture or set up your aquarium.

9. Review Your Smartphone Addiction

Review Your Smartphone Addiction

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Ever heard your family members say that you spend a lot of time on your smartphone?

Check out if what they are saying is right or wrong by simply clicking settings and then battery in an iPhone. It will list down all the apps that you have used during the last week and how much have you used them. If you want to get the same stats on an Android, then use an app called Instant.

10. Monochrome or Reading Mode

Monochrome or Reading Mode

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There are two things that this mode will help you achieve, a good vision and a retained battery. There are many other tips to save battery life, however, this one comes very handy when you’re an avid night time reader. Many smartphones come up with an option to activate this mode, however, if your phone is short of this feature, you can use the magic menu and tap on simulate anomaly. After that you simply need to switch on and activate the monochrome mode.

Guys, that all for today, hope you loved to know 10 hidden smartphone features that you never heard about. Please do share your comments and suggestions with us.

Happy Smartphone Exploration!

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